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What edibles do you put in the 100 DAY Trail MIx? Besides 100 Cherrios, 100 Alphabets, 100 raisins, 100 chocolate chips, 100 mini marshmallows, 100 pretzels, 100 triscuits, 100 jelly beans, 100 M&Ms and 100 peanuts? Ihave 20 children in each class. What ideas for their 100 Collections? Cotton balls, toothpicks, buttons, pennies,beads, bread tags/ties, jelly beans, valentine hearts, Hersheys hugs and kisses, macaroni. popcorn, beans etc. Any more unique collections? On their GRIDS of 100? Cut and paste stickers, letters, numbers, shapes, popcorn, snowflakes, confetti. Any thing else? Thanks so much.

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