Re: Would someone send an email to my kindergarten class...
Catherine Phillips

    On 1/13/02, Michele wrote:
    > On 12/12/01, Robin wrote:
    >> We are collecting 100 emails for the 100th day of school
    >> and we only have about 15. I need help please!!!! We are
    >> on day 86. Just send it to the email link above. Just
    >> tell my students something about your school or where you
    >> live. Please help!
    >> Thank You,
    >> Robin
    Greeeting from St. John's Newfoundland - Canada's most easterly

    We too are trying to collect 100 e-mails before our 100th day
    of school.

    Please reply to us stating where you are from so that we can
    add you to our map !

    This is something new I am trying for the 100th day of school.
    I hope to hear from 100 classes or schools by our 100th day of
    school. I am printing off all the e-mails we receive and
    then I am plotting all the schools on a map of the world.

    Today is supposed to be our 85th day of school but we have a
    snow day.

    I will be posting descriptions and pictures of the ways we
    celebrate the 100th day of school on our school web site. If
    you wish to see some of the things we did please visit our
    website at later in February.

    Here are some other things that we have done in the past in
    grade one for the 100th day of school. We obviously have not
    done all of these things in any one year. We vary the
    activities from year to year and we are always looking for new
    books and new ideas. Hope you found some of our ideas useful.

    1. About two weeks before the 100th day, I pass each child
    a little booklet entitled 100 words I can read. This booklet
    has 100 empty lines in it. Each child has to write 100 words
    that he/she can read in the booklet. I encourage them to print
    things like their names, colour words . . .

    2. Read The 100th Day of School -- by Angela Shelf Medearis

    3. Read 100 Hungry Ants -- by Elinor J. Pinczes

    4. Read the Wolf's Chicken Stew -- by Keiko Kasza

    5. Read 100th Day Worries -- by Margery Cuyler

    6. Read 100 Days of School -- by Trudy Harris

    7. I have ordered another 100th Day of School book from
    Scholastic -- it hasn't yet arrived. It is called The 100th
    Day. It is another Hello Reader. I couldn't see the author
    name in the Scholastic Flyer.

    8. We skip count to 100 by 2's, 5's and 10's.

    9. The children make a picture, model, ornament . . . out of
    100 of the same item. Last year some children made little
    boxes out of Popsicle sticks, necklaces out of 100 Cheerios,
    Froot Loops. . . One child made a snowman by gluing 100 mini
    marshmallows on a piece of blue construction paper.

    10. We make a treat to share. Everyone has to bring in 100
    pretzels, mini marshmallows, Cheerios, corn chips, chocolate
    chips. We mix it all together in a huge bowl -- count all the
    hundreds and then share it out. We have to avoid M & M's and
    peanuts due to severe peanut allergies in our school.

    11. We make paper hats out of newsprint. Each child has to
    make 10 sets of ten on their hat. To do this we use the
    Crayola mini stampers.

    12. I ordered lovely 100th day of school stickers from a
    company in British Columbia called Smilemakers. The stickers
    are quite large and the company delivers promptly. That aren't
    very expensive either !

    13. The children write a few sentences about what they
    would do if they had 100 dollars. The sheet the children would
    do this work on would have a 100 dollar bill photocopied at the
    top of the page. The picture would be cut out of it and a
    picture of the child inserted.

    14. Working in groups the children have to put together
    puzzles with 100 pieces.

    15. Pass out 100th day of school certificates

    16. Blow up 100 balloons and decorate the entrance to the
    school with the 100 balloons and a banner announcing the 100th
    day of school.

    17. Children bring in collections of 100 things -- 100
    pennies, 100 stamps, 100 stickers. . .