Re: 100 emails for the 100 day of school

    Greetings from Kansas Kansas was the 34th state admitted to the
    union on January 29, 1861. I live in North Central Kansas, the
    geographic center of the United States. My husband is a Kansas
    Wheat farmer and we raise Dutch Belt cattle. Our state flower is
    the Sunflower. Sunflowers are beautiful and grow wild. Some
    farmers grow tame sunflowers for profit (oil and bird seed) Happy
    100th Day. Petunia
    On 2/10/05, Maria wrote:
    > On 2/06/05, Danita Power wrote:
    >> On 1/05/03, sandi thiel wrote:
    >>> On 1/04/03, Terina Legge wrote:
    >>>> Hello Everyone,
    >>>> I am a grade one teacher in Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
    >>>> and we are trying to collect 100 emails. Please email us
    >>>> and tell us what it is like where you live. We will email
    >>>> you back if you want or we can send a postcard from where
    >>>> we live. WE look forward to hearing from you.
    >>>> THank you,
    >>>> Ms. Legge's Grade One Class.
    >>> Hello From Michigan! I live in a small town called Reed
    >>> City. I work at the Elementary school, im a Teachers
    >>> Assistant. I hope you get all the e-mails for the 100th day,
    >>> ours is coming up to!
    >>> Mrs. Thiel
    > Hi! I already posted a 100th day email request so would you
    > to send one to my school and I'll send one to yours? We would
    > like your class to recommend a book to us too. We are about an
    > hour outside of Ottawa. Our grade 2 class will celebrate 100th
    > Day next week.
    > Thanks,
    > Maria (See my post please for more email info).