Re: 100 emails for the 100 day of school

    I am a first grade teacher in Cortland, NY, U.S.A. There
    are 14 students in my class--9 boys and 5 girls. Today it
    was quite nice for a Cortland winter day-- 47 degrees F!!!
    We have a lot of snow on the ground so the kids get to play
    outside in it during recess. We will celebrate 100 days
    tomorrow. I hope this message reaches you in time. Good luck
    with your project and Happy 100 Days!!Kristy and First Graders in Cortland, NY

    On 1/04/03, Terina Legge wrote:
    > Hello Everyone,
    > I am a grade one teacher in Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
    > and we are trying to collect 100 emails. Please email us
    > and tell us what it is like where you live. We will email
    > you back if you want or we can send a postcard from where
    > we live. WE look forward to hearing from you.
    > THank you,
    > Ms. Legge's Grade One Class.