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Everything has a beginning, and so do our addictions. Do you remember the first day or night at the casino? It started out as fun didn't it? Then slowly for some reason we find that it is not fun anymore, and the more we go the more control the disastrous lifestyle has over us. This is when we become addicted. I am one of those people who fight their own personal demon of gambling addiction. The highs of winning several thousand dollars can eat at your soul, beckoning you deeper into a personal lifestyle of reckless behavior. For when the demon is in control most think of themselves and another high, and not the loved ones, which are hurt in the end. The result we are flirting with the disaster of gambling addiction.

I remember many long nights of cold sweats with the demon, tantalizing and teasing me with thoughts of bells, whistles and winning, and finally I would give in making it to a casino to lose it all. I am one of those who wrestle and fight daily with his own demon o...See More

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