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The Marvel of Ingenuity
(In Memory of Rubble of World Trade Centers)
Hillol Ray

The marvel of ingenuity disappeared
Within the twinkling of an eye-
From the skyline of New York on 911,
And the world listened to the solemn good-bye!
No doubt, the rubble are telling the horrifying tales
Of cruel death of fellow mankind-
While the memories of the crumbling towers
Do now boggle my mind!

Moistures from the gentle breeze cooled these towers
Against the morning sun-
But the strikes of calamity appeared on the scene
And dismayed the laughter and fun!
Waves from the New York traffic were greeting the millions
To earn their daily bread-
While in a hurry, the towers collapsed
And rubbles with ashes buried the human thread!

The hapless thousands vanished from the Earth,
Along with the structures of modern time-
While the memories keep on haunting,
And equate human lives with...See More

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