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People are strange creatures. They are afraid of atomic war, worried that unfriendly aliens will want to destroy the planet, worry that the Sun will disappear in the distant future, but do not think at all that it is their vital activity that causes the greatest damage to the environment. Man is the only living being that pollutes the Earth every day and does not feel any remorse. Working in an essay writing company you learn a lot of new and interesting things, and I would like to share with you.

The word "ecology" can be translated from the ancient Greek language as "house" or "property". This translation is fully consistent with the truth, because the Earth is our common home, and each of us must not only constantly remember this, but also do everything possible so that the planet remains suitable for life as long as possible!

For several years in a row, environmentalists have been alarmingly reporting that the Earth is suffering greatly fr...See More

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