Re: EF Language School doesn't attract criticism for nothing

    On 3/10/11, jack j. wrote:
    > If you're reading this review, it means that you're
    > considering spending some time abroad to learn a
    > language. I personally spent nine months in two
    > EF schools. I will get straight to the point: don't choose
    > EF. It's a rip-off.
    > I'm not used to criticize, but EF kind of deserves it.
    > the following if you want to be convinced.
    > Sure, they present well, their Internet site looks
    > professional. Don't be deceived. They are bad; for two
    > reasons: it's one of the most expensive language
    > and, most important, you hardly learn.
    > Why? Well, I give you some examples of their way of
    > teaching. Vocabulary: you would spend one whole hour
    > drawing something reminding you a word of the vocab
    > The next hour, you would do the same for another
    > Then, they would give you the definition of one word
    > you've never seen before), and you have to guess it.
    > hours, three words. Thanks, EF. Ok, that's some of the
    > worst examples. But overall, the lessons aren't way
    > brilliant. You don't feel like you learn.
    > You'd tell me, it's only one teacher in one EF. Well, I
    > went to EF Boston and EF Brisbane; I met some people
    > transferring from EF Santa Barbara, Seattle, Sydney,
    Perth. . .
    > Result: EF is bad, EF is bad, EF is bad. Really, I'm not
    > exaggerating.
    > Another thing is the cost of the activities offered by EF:
    > three days to NYC, 400$. You go by yourself, 150$; all
    > included. Surfing? EF, 200$, yourself, 80$. I'm not
    > further, you see the point. They love your money. Why
    > didn't I quit then? Yep, that's what I wanted. And they
    > would let you go; but not with your money. I paid like
    > 6500$ for three months. They "made an exception" for
    > instead of refunding me nothing, as it's written in their
    > contract, they were pleased to get me 2700$ back. I
    > give them only 3800$. Lovely.
    > Last point: I know some fellows who just didn't improve
    > all. They came and left with the same level. We've got
    > teach English ourselves. EF's contribution's
    > The only positive thing is that I got to know friends from
    > all over the world. But for that, there are other
    > schools, which are cheaper, and they would actually
    have to
    > be gifted to do worse than EF.
    > I could've added more but it's already too long. I got to
    > understand why EF attracts so much criticism. Now
    > warned. Choose carefully!