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I can learn mobile develop or help everyone who ask me

. It my example

This post is to introduce how I the developer of famous Stick Wars, developed iPhone apps. Two years ago, he just graduated from Duke University as a Computer Science major. At the beginning, I realized that there were few quality iPhone apps similar to the style of "castle defense" on the AppStore. He believed if he could take the castle defense games based on PC to the iPhone touch screen, it would be incredibly popular among iPhone users. After observing for 6 months, I found nobody had done this and he decided to develop an iPhone app of castle defense.

I spent three weeks to develop and pulish his iPhone app. After submitting to the AppStore, he updated his iPhone app every two or three weeks. He did all works from game design to development by himself except graphic and sound work; he hired two people to improve graphic and sound quality. When he tested his app...See More

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