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Diving deep into libertarianism really made me think about voluntary and nonvoluntary relationships, which caused me come to the realization that made it all click.

Aside from slavery (which we decided in 1863 was officially wrong), children are in the only nonvoluntary relationship on earth.

Have you ever sat down and really thought about that?

When I truly think of the ramifications of it, it completely changes how I view and interact with my children.

They. Didn't. Choose. To. Be. Here.

They didn't choose to be born. My husband and I chose to have them. They didn't choose to have us as parents. They can't leave if this isn't working out for them. They're stuck with us. And that's unlike any other relationship on earth, find more

Think about your everyday interactions. They're all voluntary. You may feel like some aren't, but they are.

If you have a friend who i...See More

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