Re: Can't decide on a class pet.... question for Angela

    Class pets are interesting and promotes the studetns with
    responsibilities. You should check with your school first and make
    sure they allow pets. If they do I suggest fish, they are simple
    to care for, and are soothing for a student who may need to calm
    down, and if one dies you can replace it easily. Even if you go on
    vacation you can buy a automatic fish feeder and dont have to
    worry about feeding them everyday. Hamsters bite (no-no for
    children who are not yours, legal problems from parents etc),
    guinne pigs are very good but need cage cleaned every 5 days, food
    and water with vitamins etc and I always worry about a student
    dropping the class pet and hurting it or ooppss it is running
    loose and vanishes outside or somewhere else. Turtles are cool,
    however very messy, i use to have 2 sliders and our aquarium
    filter was constantly plugged and we had to clean the cage out
    every other day, water change, scrubbing down the walls of the
    aquarium etc, and if you over feed them they grow fast, ooppss
    ours where huge and we went through many aquariums then of course
    you have to make sure the students who handle them was their hands
    because of samanilla, and unless you are going to make sure they
    dont run and touch something after handeling the pet i would pass
    on the turtles.
    On 7/26/07, Heidi/1st/PA wrote:
    > On 7/07/07, mm wrote:
    >> On 7/06/07, Angela wrote:
    >>> Hello! I had a red eared slider for 5 years, but sold it
    >>> to another teacher before I changed jobs. I loved it!!!
    >>> That was with 2nd grade. Now, I will be teaching K. I
    >>> want something that is different than the "typical" class
    >>> pet like a guinea pig or fish. I thought about a
    >>> hedgehog, but I am afraid of the spines. I would like
    >>> something low maintenance and, from what I can tell, the
    >>> best bet would be a beta, rat, or frogs. Any other
    >>> suggestions???? THanks!
    >>What kind of cage did you keep your RES in? We have a baby
    > one at home and we have it in a small glass aquariam. What
    > kind of things did you use to keep the tank clean??? Ours
    > gets so dirty quick! I am thinking about taking the turtle to
    > school this year as a class pet to go along with our guinea
    > pig. I love having a guinea pig vs. hamsters. The guinea pig
    > is very social and big enough to hold without squirming away.
    > The kids would bring in carrots, celery, apples , etc. for
    > her - which also promoted healthy lunches!! She always knew
    > when it was lunchtime and would start squeaking for food! My
    > 1st graders loved her!!