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Fear of exams worries most students. Especially if the teacher is very demanding. And even more so when you know in advance that you are not at all ready to pass the subject. We together with expert writers will share ways to stop being afraid of failure and remain calm. And also how to get rid of the stress of the session.

To begin with, let's find out why there is fear before an exam. Fear is the body's reaction to an unfavorable situation. Everyone knows that an exam is a difficult test for a student, and the result of the exams can affect future events. But not everyone perceives them as something really terrible. Therefore, someone during the exam session is calm, while other students feel a real terror. (source:

There are several reasons why a student is afraid of the exam:

1)The first and most common is a person's high level of anxiety. When the individual himself is always anxious. It doesn't ...See More
James Great points. It is common even for students who are well prepared for exams to feel apprehensive. Asking them to relax is easier said than done. Give them some external test materials (a good example would be to help them see that they are well prepared. Just make sure you use this as a relaxation hack, not as extra...See More
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