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As a fan of assorted science fiction tales, I have long been fascinated by the concepts presented, and the possibility that any of those technologies might be translated into reality in our lifetimes. It turns out, many such things have indeed become commonplace items. Some are things we use daily; others are more the exclusive domain of the military organizations. Nevertheless, it is still fascinating to ponder the future, and what may lie in store.

The reader should be aware that the ideas I present are very over-simplified explanations or examples, as this is not intended as a scientific treatise. I am not a scientist of any discipline, nor am I a mathematician. I am merely a lay person with a great interest in these concepts.

Submarine Travel

The birth of science fiction as we know it has a long history, dating back probably to Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. At the time he wrote that book, (published in 1870), ...See More

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