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New Teachers.Net Sponsor Offers Presidential Action Figure
G. W. Bush doll is first of Toypresidents, Inc. series

SAN DIEGO, CA--The newest Teachers.Net sponsor, Toypresidents, Inc., was founded upon the principles of education and discovery of the American political system, announced Dwayne Crosby, Vice President of Toypresidents, Inc. upon the introduction of a series of educational and collectible talking, political action figures.

"Our products do not endorse specific public figures; rather, our products seek to endorse the democratic system of government," Crosby says. "Toypresidents, Inc. seeks to promote a better understanding of the democracy we cherish and the individuals who have devoted their lives to serving the American people, past and present."

According to Crosby, the collectible series is dedicated to delivering a greater understanding of government officials by incorporating the use of authentic quotations and biographical information, providing insight into the history and the mission of each political figure.

ToyPresidents products will feature limited editions of political talking action figures. Each figure includes a biographical pamphlet, doll stand, display box and a Certificate of Authenticity. Our initial product is the Limited Edition George W. Bush talking action figure. The George W. Bush action figure is dressed in boots embellished with a realistic presidential seal, a hand tailored suit complete with jacket lining, and a hand tied double Windsor knotted necktie. A metal American flag lapel pin activates the 25 authentic phrases. These timeless collectors' pieces can be used by educators and enjoyed by people of all ages, and will increase in value for generations to come.

Only 100,000 George W. Bush figures will be issued, so teachers and others interested in the educational and collectible Presidential doll should act quickly. Online orders can be placed at or call 877-TOY-PREZ.

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