Post: New Roof timing was pure luck!
    Posted by: Cal-Kid on 1/11/17
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    I have a tile roof 22 years old. Supposed to last 50 year.
    HAH. Another builder lie. Between two rainy weeks and the
    only dry week roofing done in five days. I had double felt,
    new triple valleys, new fascia boards, new plywood overhang
    boards, and new chimney framing, boards and metal cap
    proper mounted. WHEW! my part of the project was to paint
    boards on the ground and then be mounted. Really smart on
    my part and nice of the roofer to measure cut and let me
    paint and then install. I started each morning at 7am and
    34 degrees temp. The key was to start early, let the sun
    warm the boards and help the drying process with a heat gun.

    Almost every house in this track has had a roof leak.
    Neighbors were stopping and getting business cards, people
    driving by were stopping, looking and thinking they might be
    next. That is my story for the end of the year!

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