Re: Teaching Job in Alaska

    On 10/28/03, Pattie wrote:
    > I have been teaching in a multi-age classroom since 1994.
    > I have done a variety of mixes including 3/4/5,3/4,2/3,1/2.
    > Am looking for a position anywhere in Alaska for the
    > 2003/2004 school year. Currently certified in Michigan to
    > teach K-6. Does anyone have knowledge of a position
    > needing to be filled. Thanks for your assist!Be very careful if you are going to teach in the bush in
    Alaska. School districts promise the world and for the most
    part don't deliver. I was told I would be only 300 ft. from
    house to the school. I was over a mile. Now that might not
    sound so bad, but given the mud, wind, ice, and snow it was a
    big deal! There are no road to the bush. You would be
    flying everything in, including groceries. The medical is
    not so great. I sat for five hours for a doctor's
    appointment. Children in the school are quite unruly. I had
    children lay on the floor, while their parent is talking to
    me and the parent does nothing. Also, I forgot your water
    has to be sterilized, if you have running water.

    With all these obstactles, would I do it again? Quite
    possibly, but I would be a lot more careful. The country is
    beautiful!! The people are friendly and helpful.