Re: Is there anyone who likes their teaching job?
do it

    If the hiring manager thinks that job dissatisfaction in his
    district is due to the district hiring young teachers who
    have never held other jobs then why doesn't he start hiring
    older, experienced teachers. I know a lot of credentialed
    teachers who have had other jobs but often they are passed
    up for the newbies fresh out of college who truly never have
    had a real job. I kind of find his answer disingenuous.I think you have to find out for yourself how teaching is.
    If you get a good assignment then you will be sure that the
    dissatisfied teachers are off-base and don't belong
    teaching. If you have a bad assignment then you will start
    to think that maybe the complainers had a valid complaint.
    You don't need to really ask who loves it do you because
    certainly someone will love it. Just do it.