Re: Cut the Fat, NOW!

    On 2/18/09, Stop Spendig My $!! wrote:
    > Nancy Pelosi has ZERO brain matter!!! Why in the hel$ is
    > she so hel# bent on inserting such a ginormous amount of
    > PORK into this stimulus package?!?!? She and Reid need to
    > get a clue as to what our country needs. TRIM THE FAT and
    > make it work. We don't need millions of $'s going to such
    > BS programs!! We are going to go belly up just like Japan!
    > Is that what we want?!?! I'm am so tired of the the Dems.
    > taking MY money and spreading MY wealth to those who sit
    > on their ass#s and do nothing all day! Why does our
    > liberal govt. feel that we need to continue to entitle
    > this trash of our society?!? GET A JOB.......NOW!!!!!! I
    > understand there are a very SMALL percentage of those on
    > welfare and who collect food stamps that truly need it.
    > The VAST majority acctually COULD work, but don't because
    > they get free money. Would YOU work if you could smoke
    > cigs and drink Budweiser on a daily basis? The worst part
    > is, they continue to produce offspring. This just leads to
    > a vicious cycle I say women should only be allowed to have
    > one child until they are off welfare. If they can't get a
    > job in a year, fix them like a cat so they can't have any
    > more. This would help the poor children that don't get the
    > money that is intended for them because momma spent it on
    > cigs, booze and dope. Am I being mean here?? No. I'm just
    > stating the facts and the truth that our liberal
    > government and media refuse to address. Welfare was NOT
    > meant as a means to give free money to lazy ass@d people
    > on a lifetime basis. It was meant to serve as a bridge to
    > help those who BECAME unemployed until they were able to
    > get back on their feet again. This process was meant to be
    > and used to be a brief period of time so they wouldn't
    > jeopardize our economy. Now look at what has happend to
    > this program!! Complete and utter abuse! The worst part
    > is, our government ALLOWS it!!
    > My blood pressure is boiling. I need to go!!

    Wow, what a rant.

    Blame the "Dems" if it makes you feel better.

    Having NO regulation in the financial industry (favored by
    Republicans) and borrowing trillions from countries like
    China to finance an unnecessary war have nothing to do with
    the mess we're in right now. It's all the "Dems" fault.

    It's perfectly all right for corporate CEOs and bankers to
    give themselves millions of dollars in bonuses with "your"
    tax money, but God forbid that impoverished children have
    health care or that disabled veterans get the care they need.
    All they ever do is sit on their fat lazy butts and smoke
    cigarettes and drink Bud all day.


    Keep on raving, and good luck with your blood pressure.