Re: Middle School jobs--Denver east and south/Castle Rock ar

    The market is tough, but if you don't mind subbing, being a
    para, or getting a part-time job(where the district doesn't
    give you benefits), then you'll be able to get your foot
    through the door and secure a better job in the future. BTW,
    Math jobs are more plentiful than social studies or English.

    Sorry that I can't give you any particulars about the areas
    that you are interested in, but I did want to wish you luck.

    On 3/08/09, tgs/ga/8 wrote:
    > Before you all yell at me and tell me to stay where I am
    > because the supply of educators severely outweighs the
    > demand, please be aware that I have been reading this
    > board for over 2 years and am aware of current situation
    > with regards to jobs in the Denver area.
    > That said, my husband has put his own career on hold for
    > me as an educator here in Georgia, and he has the
    > opportunity to finally secure a position in the Denver
    > area in the next 12-18 months that will make him the
    > primary money earner in our family (rather than me). He
    > is from Littleton, grew up in Denver and Castle Rock, and
    > Denver is home to him. He wants to come home.
    > All of that said, if we do indeed move, I will be
    > attempting to find a middle school position somewhere in
    > the Denver area. I am currently certified in GA in
    > Language Arts (which is my primary field--I teach 8th
    > grade), though I am also certified in Math and Social
    > Studies (and have experience teaching both). I recently
    > began the progress to obtain a teaching license in
    > Colorado, even though I am not sure we will, in fact, be
    > moving for sure.
    > So, any advice you can offer would be greatly
    > appreciated. I know you don't want me to move into the
    > oversaturated market, however, I am simply asking for
    > advice, district information, etc.