Re: PLACE _ECE, HI i would like to get a little help about

    On 8/17/09, Kaarem wrote:
    > Hi teachers! I didn't pass the place test again, as you
    > know is hard to know what are the right answers< i am
    > really looking for a study partner(s) so we could share the
    > info, study guides and experiences maybe we could figure
    > out a common idea for some questions, please if you or
    > anybody that is going to do it, want to meet once in a
    > while i will really appreciate! if any of ECE Teachers in
    > denver area would have sometime to tutor for some questions
    > i will do that to, let me know if someone can help me a
    > little bit with this.. thank you so much..

    Hello Kaarem

    I see that your post is back in August, but I'm wondering if
    you are still studying for the Place test or if you've passed?
    If you are still studying for the exam I'd like to study/share
    material with you. So far I've taken the Place once and did
    not pass. If you have completed the test I would still like to
    speak with you, perhaps you can give me a few pointers on what
    helped you get through it.