Re: New in Colorado and just got my SOE
    Good luck!

    Chances are VERY slim around the Fort Collins area since UNC
    and CSU are SO close; those colleges are pumping out new
    teachers each semester. Plus, the Poudre District (in Fort
    Collins) gets hundreds of applicants for each job.

    Unless there are open jobs (which I doubt)you need to start
    subbing ASAP and start talking to administrators and teachers
    within the schools. That will be the best way to put a face
    to the name and get your resume on the "top" of the pile.

    Math positions and special ed. seem to be the only positions
    that occasionally pop up, so at least you have that (math) in
    your favor. Fill out (have on file)an application for every
    district in the area...Loveland, Greeley, St. Vrain, Windsor,
    Eaton, Ault, Johnstown/Milliken...My advice (from personal
    experience) is to stay away from the charter schools since
    the work load is overwhelming, pay is extremely low,
    resources are practically nonexistent, and there are very
    little professional growth opportunities.

    On 8/29/09, nick wrote:
    > Hi I just got my SOE from Colorado and am confused on this
    > process. Do I just start applying to district directly and
    > tell them I will be in the alternative license program? And
    > for anyone who knows, what are the chances of finding a job
    > now that the school year just started? I am guessing I will
    > be out of luck for this year. I will be teaching secondary
    > mathematics for anyone who knows of an opportunity and I am
    > in Fort Collins so would love any help.
    > Thanks,
    > Hope to be new teacher Nick