Re: just got my SOE-what is SOE?

    Ok, I'm showing my age here as when I started we
    had "Teaching Certificates" not "Teaching Licenses". What is
    and SOE? Thanks in advance.

    On 8/29/09, nick wrote:
    > Hi I just got my SOE from Colorado and am confused on this
    > process. Do I just start applying to district directly and
    > tell them I will be in the alternative license program? And
    > for anyone who knows, what are the chances of finding a job
    > now that the school year just started? I am guessing I will
    > be out of luck for this year. I will be teaching secondary
    > mathematics for anyone who knows of an opportunity and I am
    > in Fort Collins so would love any help.
    > Thanks,
    > Hope to be new teacher Nick