Re: moving
    Dee Dee

    On 5/14/10, tan wrote:
    > What is your certification? What did you teach? Math science,
    > special education will be very helpful. good luck
    > n 5/14/10, Oh well wrote:
    >> Yeah, hope your hubby has a good job.
    >> Forget getting a teaching job in the beautiful state of
    >> Colorado, or any other state for that matter.
    >> On 5/14/10, JKoranda wrote:
    >>> does anyone have tips for making a successful move from
    >>> Ohio after teaching 11 years to Colorado with 3 kids and a
    >>> hubbie in tow?

    It's tough right now, but, you might be lucky. I'd start looking
    at job posts at all school districts, just to see what jobs are out
    there. Good Luck!