Re: Colorado Teaching License--Does it really take that long
    Still Waiting

    I responded below a while back. It has now been 24 weeks. They will not
    answer the phone and tell you to hang up if you are calling to check the
    status of your application and will not answer status update emails. I can
    not even believe this. I guess I need to make a trip down there. I do not
    understand what the hold up is. 24 weeks is absolutely ridiculous.If there
    were something wrong with my application, I would think they would contact
    me. It isn't like they have to go through and gather all of the send the packet complete to them.

    All I can say for those of you looking to move here, please send your packet
    in WAY in advance. I am certified in Texas and have nothing on my record
    that is weird or wacky.

    Good luck all!

    On 1/04/11, A wrote:
    > I sent my license in sometime in August and the website says it was
    > received on 8/24/10. I was originally told 12 weeks, then 16. Today it has
    > been 19 weeks and still no update on the CDE website. They won't answer
    > inquiries regarding a timeline of a license. My license expires in March.
    > Glad I turned my stuff in 7 months early. Hope I hear something before
    > then!
    > On 11/20/10, D wrote:
    >> Sad thing is how many of those applicants are actually highly skilled,
    >> trained and experienced educators who, instead of being in a classroom,
    >> are just waiting it out elsewhere. I would think the state would want
    >> the best educators in the classroom. That is not going to happen with
    >> this current definition of highly qualified (holding a Colorado
    >> license) and the current application backlog.
    >> On 11/19/10, Still Waiting wrote:
    >>> I sent in all of my information to the state back in July. I still
    >>> have not had my license approved. They told me in Sept. that it
    >>> would closer to 16 weeks. I believe now that it has been close to
    >>> 18. I just sent an inquiry to the state. This is just crazy.
    >>> On 11/18/10, g wrote:
    >>>> On 9/27/10, Sande wrote:
    >>>>> I just renewed my Oregon License from 15 years ago, and the
    >>>>> process took about that long-----with budget cuts and less
    >>>>> staff, the ed. offices are taking longer to process the tons
    >>>>> of things coming through. I think that your time frame is ,
    >>>>> lamentably, fairly normal.
    >>>>> On 9/26/10, DJ wrote:
    >>>>>> I am a Texas certified educator who has applied to have my
    >>>>>> license reciprocated here in Colorado. I was told to check
    >>>>>> the website 4-5 days after "12-14 weeks for processing".
    >>>>>> Does it actually take that long? Your experiences, please.
    >>>>>> It has been about 6 weeks now. It seems like it should not
    >>>>>> take as long for someone with a current license from
    >>>>>> another state.
    >>>> Yes, I agree with Sande. It does take that long. So many cuts
    >>>> yet so many vying for teacher licensure and jobs...