Re: Teaching Jobs/Climate in Northern CO

    On 6/11/11, person from NJ wrote:
    > Thinking of relocating to the Loveland/Fort Collins area. I
    > hear their school systems are pretty good. Wondering if
    > there are any HS chem jobs. Also in general, how is the
    > teaching climate in this area. I'm from NJ and things are ok
    > here, we have a very strong union and our pay is among the
    > highest in the country (but so is our cost of living).
    > Although pay is not that important to me at this point in my
    > career, really just wondering if I'd be able to get a job
    > out there. Thanks.


    I live in Denver, Colorado and recently attended a teacher's
    job fair in Fort Collins. My wife and I did a little
    site-seeing on the drive up as you might imagine we would.

    I haven't been to Jersey since I was a teen, but there is a
    huge difference between the two. Fort Collins is essentially a
    very isolated rural, rustic area. If you are at all accustomed
    to living in a large city with a mass transit system, this is
    not in Fort Collins or Loveland. Not even close. Denver has a
    very poor mass transit system to speak of and is the state's
    capital (yes, there are bus lines and a "lite-rail" system but
    most coverage focuses on downtown). Fort Collins/Loveland is
    much more isolated. There are farms, barns, and it's quite
    conceivable that you could drive around in that area for hours
    without spying a mall or much to speak of other than land.

    This is not to say that there are not nice people there or
    teaching opportunities. There are both. It's just a trade-off.
    In Colorado, as in many other states, the further
    geographically you go away from major cities, the more teaching
    jobs there are. There are lots of teaching jobs in that area,
    as there are in Yuma, and in Castle Rock. The further out you
    go, the more teaching jobs there will be. The question is, is
    it worth it or can you play a waiting game?