Re: Jobs in CT

    Hi ~ I'm a teacher in eastern CT; this board does NOT move
    fast at all, so be patient! I highly suggest that if possible
    you subscribe on-line to the Hartford Courant; at least the
    Sunday edition. Many, many, many teaching jobs have alredy
    been listed in it. Many schools will not advertise until
    budgets have passed, usually late May, assuming they pass the
    first time. The jobs that are listed now are ones that need
    to be filled regardless of budgets passing and where the
    school has already been notified. As far as job fairs, there
    are some in Fairfield County, but I have never heard of any in
    eastern/central CT in all my years teaching. The web site is a good one; I know our school (Andover) has used
    it in the past. Keep your options open - if you're an
    elementary teacher expect to be one of 50-200 applicants for a
    job. It's easier if you are dual-certified or are interested
    in sped., math, science, technology, etc. Also, check with CT
    SDE NOW about getting certified to teach in CT, if you are not
    already; getting certified here is often harder than in other
    states and you may find that you need a few extra classes or
    tests first. Good luck!


    On 4/24/08, CA2CT wrote:
    > Hello,
    > Since no one has responded, I will give you what advice I
    > I am also an out of state teacher moving to CT this summer.
    > I have not found a job fair, but I have been using a website which
    > has many job postings (already!).
    > For the LEARN region use
    > Good Luck! and post any comments or questions you have, it
    would be nice to
    > have someone to commiserate with during this endeavor.