Re: Math Tutor - Month of August
Kelley Pritchard

    Hi there! Have you found a math tutor yet? My fiance is a
    math teacher who might be interested in tutoring your
    daughter. He is not working this summer due to shoulder
    surgery, and he is bored to death! If you are still looking,
    please contact me. Bill is a great guy and a great teacher.
    I've worked with him!!Kelley Pritchard

    On 6/23/04, Beth Ann Stack wrote:
    > My daughter is entering the 8th grade this year. I'm in
    > need of a tutor in my Claymont, DE home for her during the
    > monthe of August to review 7th grade math/pre-algebra in
    > preparation for 8th grade. Must be upbeat and fun! Please
    > contact me via email with your credentials, rates,
    > availability. Thank you.