Re: Teaching Jobs in Delaware
Dale Henderson

    Nicole et alLanding a teaching job in Delaware simply boils down to not what
    you know but whom you know. Cronyism, nepotism, favoritism, etc.,
    come into play. By law, school systems must publish job vacancies
    via newspapers, periodicals, and online; however, most already
    know whom they are going to hire despite going through a few token
    interviews. Several of these schools are not run by competent
    administrations but by local teachers who dictate policy. Good
    luck to you all and keep plugging away. Dale Henderson Seaford

    On 10/09/07, Kiran wrote:
    > Hi Brian
    > I am interested in finding information about schools in delaware
    > that can sponsor teachers from other countries to teach in this
    > state under exchange program.
    > I will appreciate if anybody can provide me any information
    > about the schools that can sponsor a teacher (junior or
    > intermediate)
    > Thanks.
    > Kiran
    > On 5/04/06, Sandy wrote:
    >> Hi Brian.
    >> I am interested in finding information about possible schools
    > in Delaware that can
    >> sponsor teachers from other countries to teach here in this
    > state for some time. I
    >> know there is a program called Exchange visitor Program, but
    > it seems that the
    >> candidate has to find the school that can sponsor him/her and
    > then continue with
    >> the process of application.
    >> Does anybody know if there is any school (elementary, middle,
    > junior or high) in
    >> Delaware that sponsor people?
    >> Thanks,
    >> Sandy
    >> On 3/29/06, Brian wrote:
    >>> Nicole,
    >>> I am actually trying to find teachers in Delaware... please
    >>> send me an e-mail with your contact info and maybe we can
    >>> discuss opportunities we have available.
    >>> I look forward to hearing from you!
    >>> On 3/21/06, Nicole wrote:
    >>>> Does anyone know how to get a teaching job in Delaware?
    >>> This
    >>>> seems to be the hardest state to get a teaching job in. I
    >>>> have an M.S. and a B.A. in Elementary Education, an M.S. in
    >>>> Administration and Supervision, and B.A. in History. I have
    >>>> 8 years experience and currently work in a charter school
    >>> in
    >>>> New York and want to relocate to Delaware. If anyone has
    >>> any
    >>>> hints or tips or tricks or knows someone who knows someone
    >>>> who is lookig for a teacher it will be greatly appreciated.
    >>>> Nicole