Re: Deleware Needed for Post Card Exchange- FREE LABELS
Danielle Mitchell

    On 8/26/06, Danielle Mitchell wrote:
    > We currently need DE!
    > FREE LABELS!!!!!!
    > Each teacher will be responsible for sending a postcard to
    > each of the other states. Please include information about
    > your state such as state symbols and interesting facts.
    > In return, you will receive a postcard back from each of
    > the
    > states involved. Address labels will be provided to you if
    > you want. Also, a list of names, addresses, and school
    > websites will be e-mailed to you. I would like to send
    > address labels by the MIDDLE of October. Deadline for
    > mailing out postcards will be sometime in November.
    > If you are interested in participating in this exchange,
    > please email me personally with the following info.
    > our email addresses: or
    > Please make the subject line of your email read "POSTCARD
    > EXCHANGE/ (your state abbreviation)".
    > Information to include in your email:
    > Name
    > Grade you teach
    > E-mail address
    > Name you would like on mailing label (Ms. Smith's Second
    > Grade
    > Class)
    > Name of School
    > School Address
    > School or class website address