Re: 90 day wait period for medical coverage
nj teacher

    Thank you Susie for your prompt reply. I really would like to
    teach in Delaware however my husband is undergoing continuing
    medical treatment for cancer and I am afraid I won't be able to
    pay for living expenses while paying for medical coverage
    during the 90 day waiting period. NJ is a terrifc state in
    which to work but it's tough to keep up with the high cost of
    living here. My home is right across the Delaware Memorial
    Bridge and we are swamped with HIGH EVERYTHING!!(re: taxed to
    death).Thank you again for taking the time to answer.

    On 8/12/07, Susie wrote:
    > Red Clay allows you to buy benefits during that period.
    > Actually, since medical is through the state, I believe
    > that's how all of the districts work here.
    > On 8/12/07, nj teacher wrote:
    >> Is anyone out there aware of which Delaware school
    > districts
    >> provide local medical coverage during the state 90 day
    >> waiting period for newly hired teachers? Thanks.