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I am a mid-career professional in IT (mostly databases) and market research analysis with a BS in Comp Sci (and double minors in Economics and Psych) and an MBA. I am looking to pursue a career change into teaching either Science (probably need some more credits, but I'm close), Math (not a Math major but very close credit-wise, especially since my MBA had a heavy statistics component), or Business Ed/Computer Science.

I have been exploring and inquiring about "Alternate Route" programs throughout the Northeast from Maine to Virginia. Have had moderate success interviewing with Fellows programs in New York and Baltimore, but didn't make the cut. Have interviews pending in a couple of other places as well in April.

To my surprise, the Delaware ARTC program pre-qualified me from my transcripts for both Math and Business Ed, pending Praxis II scores (I took 0061 on March 14 and I'm sure I got way more than the 121 needed in the state for Math, I haven't taken the Busines...See More
Nicole I'm not sure about math/science opportunities as I'm in the Humanities, but I'm currently in ARTC and it's not bad. It's a lot of extra work during an already hectic first year of teaching, but the majority of the classes are ARTC-specific and therefore, taught in a way that you can apply many of the things you learn right away. So far, the most th...See More
Apr 23, 2009
Harry Thanks for your response, I have had email back-and-forth contact with Linda Hughes and one phone call (which is how I got pre- qualified), just curious, how did you get your job?

I haven't seen much on the teachdelaware website. Now ARTC advertised a job fair earlier this week I was going to go to, but I had a sudden death in the family a...See More
Apr 23, 2009

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