Re: Delaware ARTC Program

    Thanks for your response, I have had email back-and-forth contact
    with Linda Hughes and one phone call (which is how I got pre-
    qualified), just curious, how did you get your job?

    I haven't seen much on the teachdelaware website. Now ARTC
    advertised a job fair earlier this week I was going to go to, but
    I had a sudden death in the family and had to go to the funeral,
    etc. and missed it. A day or two before the fair, the ARTC
    website listed "tips for the fair" and seemed to suggest in it
    that at this part of the year, school districts shy away from
    ARTC candidates but look more into them closer to the start of
    the school year.

    Do they do more job fairs between now and September? Or does the
    website "perk up"? Or did you get your ARTC position a different
    way? I hope you reply soon.

    By the way, correction to others who see my original post, the
    121 Praxis II requirement was a typo, it was 141, but I got my
    scores back and I made it.

    On 4/23/09, Nicole wrote:
    > I'm not sure about math/science opportunities as I'm in the
    > Humanities, but I'm currently in ARTC and it's not bad. It's a
    > lot of extra work during an already hectic first year of
    > teaching, but the majority of the classes are ARTC-specific and
    > therefore, taught in a way that you can apply many of the
    > things you learn right away. So far, the most theory-heavy
    > course has been my content-specific methods course. Have you
    > talked to Linda Hughes specifically? A phone call to her may
    > be well worth your time, as she heads up the program and has
    > been really helpful.