Re: Does anyone knows who is hiring for high school math?

    Caesar Rodney is. In fact, they JUST posted a brand new
    opening at one middle school. They now have two middle school
    math positions open.

    Try these links:
    (Then click on Teacher/Professional Job Postings)

    Seaford is as well. You can find that posting via, which is the official hiring site of DE.
    However, not every school uses it. Here's the direct link,
    but it may /may not work. It's position 1 listed:

    Good luck!


    On 7/24/09, Ima wrote:
    > Hi,
    > Does ayone knows who is hiring for a high school or middle
    > school math position?
    > I have searched everywhere and no luck.
    > I have passed praxis 1 and 2 in middle school math and i am
    > one course away from finishing the ARTC program.