Re: We need Delaware teacher for postcard exchange!
    k. mckenna

    do you still need a delaware teacher for the exchance?? 5th grade?
    email me!

    On 8/13/09, Erin wrote:
    > On 8/13/09, Erin wrote:
    >> Hi...My name is Erin and I'm a third grade teacher in
    >> Pennsylvania. I am trying to find one elementary teacher
    >> from each state willing to participate in a project titled:
    >> Postcard Exchange with 50 States. I was wondering if you
    >> would be willing to partner with me and 48 other teachers
    >> from around the country? What would you have to do? You
    >> and your classroom would have to write a postcard to each
    >> state. (49 total-Handwritten or typed) I will have all
    >> addresses available that can be printed out easily on a
    >> label page. *If you decide to participate I will email
    >> that information to you. If you aren't interested, but know
    >> of a teacher in your state who might be, would you PLEASE
    >> forward this email to him/her? I'd really appreciate your
    >> help in this matter.
    >> Thank you and please feel free to email me with any
    >> questions!!
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Erin
    >> Here is some information I had posted on other websites so
    >> you can read:
    >> Calling elementary teachers from 49 states!! I need your
    >> help!! I would like my 3rd grade class to participate in a
    >> Postcard Exchange Project this 2009-2010 school year, but I
    >> need your help to do so. I need 49 teachers from across
    >> the country who would be willing to write 49 postcards and
    >> send them out to each state. At the end of the project,
    >> you should receive 49 different postcards with information
    >> about each state. (Information/examples will be sent out
    >> to you as soon as I get participation from all states.)
    >> What can you do in the mean time? You will need to see if
    >> your local government office will donate 49 (or 50-one for
    >> your classroom) postcards for your classroom project, or
    >> you can buy them at a local store which sells them. I'm
    >> not sure, but Triple A may have them as well and might be
    >> willing to donate. If you can't get donations, parents may
    >> be willing to help you out too. Postcard stamps are 28
    >> cents each, so you may want to ask for parent donations for
    >> those too.
    >> The postcard must have either the state name on the front
    >> or a picture representing your state. Students will get a
    >> chance to learn about other states as they receive
    >> postcards from around the country. You can have a bulletin
    >> board with a map set up if you choose to show where each
    >> postcard came from.
    >> Please email me if you are interested in participating in
    >> this project. Please email ONLY if you are serious about
    >> completing this project. There is only one slot open for
    >> each state, so I only want serious participants. If you
    >> know any teachers living in other states and want them to
    >> participate in the same exchange as you, email them quickly
    >> with this link.
    >> I will send out a master list to each participant once I
    >> receive all 49 participants.
    >> Please EMAIL me the following:
    >> Your name (First and last)
    >> Your grade level
    >> Your school name
    >> Your school address
    >> Your email address
    >> Target starting date: September 15th (More details to
    >> come!!)
    >> Target finish date: November 15th