Re: Pass the Praxis/Biology Test
Sharon Wynne

    On 6/04/03, Terry wrote:
    > I read your lengthy "tips". There is no penalty for
    guessing on the Praxis. Now, that tip alone just put points
    on the board. I would hope logic and commen sence approach
    goes a long way to developing trust. It is simple, know your
    stuff. Know content, know pedagogy. There are guides to do
    that and XAM is my company. You find them at
    Other tips are really pretty slimy in my estimation and
    misleading. If you have to be told to dress warmly and bring
    a number two pencil I say...don't come.Listen folks, I assume you know your stuff. In fact your
    problem just might be you know to much and now you need to
    find it in your brain.

    By giving just enough details to actually review likely
    topics detailed with competencies and skills tied directly to
    the test you will remember what is already in your head.

    Let me give you an analogy. If your desk is a mess it is like
    your head. Everything could be right there in front of you
    but it is so disorganized that it takes time to find it again.

    Study time is a little like cleaning off your desk. Soon you
    take the weight off the desk and sort major catagories such
    as genetics, environmental science, botnay, etc. Then you get
    the major details of the courses. Then you start to remember
    the details of each course. Suddenly the whole picture begins
    to take shape and you find your self esteem is once again in
    place. In fact you will be amazed on how much you already
    know. It is a good feeling to.

    Now there are some of you out there that are really not
    qualified to take the test and you know it is a stretch for
    you. Hint, I do not want you in front of my child this year.
    Sorry, I would love to sell you my study guide and yes it
    would put you on the trail to a higher score but it would be
    no more responsible on my part than it is on yours.

    Content review is only one element to becomming a great
    teacher. Pedagogy is another topic. I make a PLT pedagogy
    book that might be a better place for you to start. Honestly,
    this is not a bad comment. It simply means that you are not
    ready. You may want to take my Praxis Biology study guide
    just to see what you don't know and then again what it is you
    do know. I guess that is a valuable lesson as well. But
    again, please do not sit for the test until you are really

    Praxis Biology