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Here is some help!
We suggest going over the questions several times. You
should do this a number of times until you feel comfortable
with all questions.

Time is the single most common fault that all test takers
have trouble with. If you are familar with these study
questions and know them well you will save time without
knowing it.

Make sure you pace yourself during the test. Keep track of
how much time you have used not how much is left.

Usually two choices can be eliminated from each question.

If you can not eliminate any answers skip this question and
come back to it.

When required to read a passage such as in the lab
questions you should scan/skim the passage to get a vague
impression then read the questions. You will be surprised
at how some answers come to you very quickly.

Do not guess. Eliminate 1-2 choices then "pick" out the
best choice. You should be...See More
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Mindy Prosperi Dear Fellow Teachers... I need your help! I have a degree in biology and NJ teaching certification...problem? I got them 30 years ago! I am now "ready" to be a teacher and belive I have a lot to offer. I have been in a career for 30 years and traveled extensively both for business and personal reasons. I am ready to "give back". Does anyone know of...See More
Apr 6, 2009
Jo I found it very helpful to take all the end of year tests posted online. If you google Biology Exam they come up...especially VA state exams from past years. ETS also has a full exam you can buy to take that also scores you (raw and curved) and catagorizes your answers so you know what sections to work on. I am 8 years out of school and passed thes...See More
Apr 21, 2009
Tam Hi,

I will be taking both biology exams in June. I am worried about the essay exam more than anything. Was the essay exam very difficult? I have been studying my biology book (by Campbell & Reece) and Cliff Notes so I hope that helps. I guess I am worried because I will not know what's going to be asked.

On 4/21/09, Jo wrote:...See More
May 29, 2009
Rob Etheridge Sharon Wynn posted a response that seems to be 'high and mighty' I am planning to teach biology but need big help on some of the subjects that I have not taken since high school. I was a horticulture major and know about plant bio, physiology, pathology, entemology and other subjects like this. The last time I took Anatomy was 22 years ago in high ...See More
Mar 12, 2010
randy hi i saw two sites that will help you on the praxis free praxis prep and this is primarily for biology student but i think they have free englist etc but you have to join for free and request it...

On 1/03/04, Sharon Wynne wrote: > On 6/04/03, Terry wrote: >> I read your leng...See More
Jul 8, 2010

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