Re: new: Arizona Elem School Tchrs & Principal attacked

    On 2/01/13, Broke Fl Teacher wrote:
    > Time to pay us like cops, train us like cops, and let us
    > retire after 20 years like cops. Our lives are on the line
    > now, too. What happened to America?

    Our society as a whole has degenerated into a self-absorbed,
    superficial, secular culture where ideals, principles, morals,
    scruples and integrity have no value. 20 years ago, children
    would not have even dared to try the crap they do in school now,
    because they have parents who over indulge them and do anything
    to protect their 'darlings.' When I meet the parents of my
    students who are the biggest pains in the butt, I can see why
    those kids are the way they are. Either the kid rules the
    parent, OR the acorn didn't drop far from the oak.
    I can't wait to retire. I've had enough.