Re: Report on Charters Schools is in....Not the answer..

    The problem is that a typical voucher supporter won't mind and actually
    assumes that voucher money will go to Christian (and possibly Jewish)
    schools. In America, the controversy will come to pass when the Muslim
    school wants some of that voucher money. I'm sure our rising Muslim
    population will want to build a network of schools like the Catholic
    system. It's already happened in Louisiana. Louisiana Representative
    Valarie Hodges is on record stating that she thought Christian schools
    would be the only religious entities applying for vouchers and
    softened her position on vouchers when a Muslim school applied.

    On 2/03/13, Hans wrote:
    > Sorry, I taught in a Lutheran school in Amsterdam and the govt paid
    > the tuition for every child. Under equal protection federal law, if
    > Muslim school gets govt funds a Christian School would be entitled.
    > PC has nothing to do with it. These kind of cases go to court.
    > On 2/03/13, Muslim only charters already exist. wrote:
    >> On 2/03/13, Hans wrote:
    >>> Holland has "school choice" so you can go to any school you
    >>> want and what happened is that Muslim schools poped up all
    >>> over and only Muslim children attend....if it happened here we
    >>> would have Scientology Schools, Muslim Schools, Mormon
    >>> Schools,Second Ammendment name it and the state
    >>> would be forced to fund them. Charter schools are just the
    >>> beginning.Jeb Bush never had good judgement and he is about
    >>> establishing legal ground work for all these schools.
    >> We already have charter schools like that. San Diego has at least
    >> one charter school that is entirely Somali moslems. You better
    >> believe that a Christian charter school could never open,
    >> though. Hey, it is a PC world