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I am taking the gkt math portion in two weeks and really need help. Does anyone have materials from Navaed or anything else that really helped them pass? If so, can you please forward to my email? dudalisa7@gmail.com

Thank you so much!!
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Kayla G I am taking the math GK in a few weeks and I am extremely nervous, if anyone has extra materials I can use that would be so helpful! kaylaagonzalez@yahoo.com
Mar 15
Gary Hello. I have been doing Math (and Reading and EL) practice tests at crackact.com Some of the math problems are Trig or Calculus and I just skip those because I believe they are beyond the scope of GKT Math.
Mar 19
Ladylovethekids08 Hi guys, I too have failed the math portion 5 times can someone please send me some materials. mc_pt2013@yahoo.com thank you for all the help.
Mar 19
teacherheart Algebra is often a struggle for teachers to pass. Algebra Nation (grade 8) online, the students use is like having a private tutor. The Algebra 1 (grade 8) teacher's manual is very resourceful. The teacher's manual has the answers and explains it in student-friendly terminology.

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