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Carolina, I need you post the prompt that you had yesterday!!!! Please everybody is not just to came to this chat and be looking for the post of the month, most important share it when you took right away. I did when I took it the last time. Carolina you where in this chat all the time asking and now you don't post your!!!
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PPanda Please, help each other. Post your topic. "Is fair to be fair"
Jan 12
Lauren Berg Lulu. Thanks so much for sharing your essay prompt. I take mine on the 22nd. As soon as I get home, I will post my topic for everyone. I was looking to see what Karolina posted I'm surprised she hasn't shared her topic yet.
Jan 13
Lulu22 Yoyo I will find out my results on the 27th. This was my 3rd time taking the essay part. I feel like I did well but then again I felt I did well on the 1st one too :(
Jan 13
soccermami My friend took it Saturday in Miami area (don't know where exactly). Her prompt was mentorship programs. Hope it helps.
Jan 27
Lauren Berg I took mine this past Wednesday. My topic was evaluate two strategies to counteract the teacher shortage across the United States.
Jan 27

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