Re: private schools?

    that would really depend on the private school. If you are interested, try doing
    some searches on private schools in HI and see what you can find out. In Hawaii,
    teaching credentials and licenses are two different things. In some states, the
    credential is given by the state DOE. Here, the HTSB grants licensure once all
    requirements are met. One of those requirements is having obtained teaching
    credentials through a university that is approved by the HTSB. You can start
    teaching rather easily with a credential in EL ED, but no license, but it is harder (in
    public schools at least ) to find a job if you have no teaching credential, unless you
    are in special education. if you search for HI DOE, you will come up on the state DOE site and can search for
    all this information.

    On 5/04/07, sophia wrote:
    > Hi. I am currently a substitute teacher in Sacramento, CA.
    > Today I chatted with a fellow sub who used to work in Hawaii
    > as a full-time teacher at a private school. She said it
    > isn't hard to find a job at a private school, and that one
    > does not have to have a teaching credential (license). Is
    > that true? Does anyone know more about teaching at a private
    > school?