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I just finished up a teaching program in California. I
have passed the CSET, CBEST, and everything else the state
requires. My credential is in Social Science.
About a week ago I applied to the state of Hawaii
Department of Education via fax. Should I also apply via
snail mail?
Also... about how long does it generally take to hear back
from them?
Jeni /blockquote>

You should get a letter from the DOE as soon as they process
your application. The letter will outline the steps that you
need to complete. In the meantime, go to the HI DOE website
and find the recruitment area and see if you can interview
with a recruiter in California. That may be easier than
flying o...See More
May 28, 2007
HI Teacher /blockquote>

You actually have 4 years (or 8 semesters) to get your license after being hired.
After you get your license, you are on probation for 4 semesters (although I hear
they are changing that to 2 semesters?) and then you will earn tenure.

Each year until you are tenured, you are on a 1 yr contract, basically. D...See More
Jun 2, 2007

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