Re: How long to hear back after applying?
HI Teacher

    You actually have 4 years (or 8 semesters) to get your license after being hired.
    After you get your license, you are on probation for 4 semesters (although I hear
    they are changing that to 2 semesters?) and then you will earn tenure.Each year until you are tenured, you are on a 1 yr contract, basically. During the
    spring job postings, any tenured can teacher can apply for your job and basically
    boot you out. (and, if you are not tenured, your job is automatically posted,
    UNLESS you are sped, I believe they have a slightly different set of rules) After all
    the postings are completed, all teachers are placed back into jobs based on
    standing-- probie3 are placed before probie2, etc. licensed teachers (probationary
    teachers, before getting tenured) are placed before those who do not have licenses
    yet. and so on. So it is quite possible (and I have seen it happen) to get a job at a
    school and get booted out the next year and placed at another school. If you
    refuse the next placement, you have to go through the whole process of applying
    for a job again.

    On 5/28/07, Jeni wrote:
    > You should get a letter from the DOE as soon as they process
    > your application. The letter will outline the steps that you
    > need to complete. In the meantime, go to the HI DOE website
    > and find the recruitment area and see if you can interview
    > with a recruiter in California. That may be easier than
    > flying out to Honolulu to interview. You must interview and
    > pass before contacting principals. The interview was not bad
    > at all, more like a laid back conversation.
    > Then after the interview send letters to all of the
    > principals in the areas you are interested in. You should
    > hear from schools after that.
    > You also need to apply for a license. Go to to
    > download an application. You must pass their series of
    > Praxis tests to get licensure. You do not necessarily need a
    > license to get hired. They give you 2 years to pass the
    > tests. But, you will not get out of probation until you get
    > the license.
    > On 5/27/07, Katrina wrote:
    >> I just finished up a teaching program in California. I
    >> have passed the CSET, CBEST, and everything else the state
    >> requires. My credential is in Social Science.
    >> About a week ago I applied to the state of Hawaii
    >> Department of Education via fax. Should I also apply via
    >> snail mail?
    >> Also... about how long does it generally take to hear back
    >> from them?