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or where it came from, etc.??
Elaine /blockquote>

On 7/11/06, Magoo wrote:
> or where it came from, etc.??

Here is a website that has possible explanations for where
the word Hoosier came from:

[link removed]
Jul 14, 2006
kim settler /blockquote>

Am looking for the Latin origin of the word job. I was told it
was a word representing the lowest form of labor. i.e. ditch
or grave digger. Can anyone clarify this for me
> [link removed]
Aug 29, 2006
Peggy /blockquote>

I was born and raised in Indiana and still desperately miss my
home. My dad always said that the word "Hoosier" came from
people calling out "who's here" (with the Indiana hillbilly
accent, of course!)when someone was knocking at the door. I
know when my dad called those words out, it sounded like...See More
Sep 22, 2006
Ex /blockquote>

On 9/22/06, Peggy wrote:
>...(with the Indiana hillbilly accent, of course!)...

Accent? That's odd because when I watch the nightly news on any
of the major networks, they all talk just like we do! ;o)
Jun 14, 2007

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