Re: Bal-A-Vis-X Research

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    I used to teach with the originator's (Bill's) wife, and
    both are amazing educational professionals. I bought the
    basic kit to use in my middle school class, but received
    (due to my district's ordering snafus) it too late in the
    year to use. I've begun some basics, and look forward to the
    FYI, this summer I had one day where I was really wired up;
    an ADD day, if you will. I stood on the buddy board as
    directed (the long way from to back) and after less than a
    minute, I felt focused and refreshed.
    I offered it to some of my kids this first week of school,
    and already eight of them consistently ask permission to
    stand and do their work on it. Results already! :)On 10/22/03, Michel wrote:
    > I am doing research on Bal-A-Vis-X and would like to find
    > some original sources of research about it ASAP. If
    > anyone can help me, please send information via email.
    > Thanks.