Re: Kindergarten Screening

    On 2/11/04, Sandy wrote:
    > Hi! I am gathering information on what different school
    > districts in Kansas do for kindergarten screening. I
    > would like to know if you screen incoming kindergarten
    > students, what test you use to screen, what you do with
    > the information you get from the screening, how you
    > administer the test (do you call off kindergarten and do
    > the testing in the school, do you use another location
    > other than the school), what time of year (spring before
    > or first week of school) or any other information you
    > would like to share about your pre-kindergarten
    > screening. If you are not a kindergarten teacher, please
    > pass this question on to one and have them email me their
    > information. Thanks in advance!
    > Sandy
    Hi Sandy,
    We use the Gesell screening.
    Screenings are given during the summer months (Kdg. teachers
    paid by hour) Screening take 20-30 minutes.
    Results are conferenced with parent later in the week
    Referrals are given for students to either KinderPrep or
    Regular kindergarten. Both are half day programs.
    The KinderPrep is designed for the students who tested
    developmentally delayed. The proceeding year the KdgPrep
    then attends Primary 1st Grade in an all day program. Then,
    they attend Regular 1st Grade after that.