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I will be doing my student teaching this spring (in GA),
but we will be moving to the Leavenworth area over the
summer. Anyone here have any advice for locking in a job in
the area? I know it is still way too soon to start looking
for a job, but I was curious about which of the areas
surrounding FT Leavenworth are best to teach in. My husband
is (obviously) in the Army and we will be relocating to Ft
Leavenworth for a year. Would you suggest trying to get my
own classroom or subbing for the year? BTW - I am Middle
school LA/SS.
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minda /blockquote>

Disregard my question about sub pay. I 'googled' it and found
that the pay rate is different in different areas. It really
isn't that bad of a rate either (I've seen between $75-100 per
day). As much as I would love to have my own classroom, I may
wind up subbing for the year.
Thanks again!
Jul 12, 2004
Marcia /blockquote>

Leavenworth is near KC so you can shop, go gambling, go to concerts and
the renaissance festival, and go camping on lakes. Lots to do in the
northeast. Winters will be ccoooold, probably a new experience for a
Georgia girl.

When you get ready to make your move, go to the ksde site and find al...See More
Jul 12, 2004
minda /blockquote>

I live in GA, but am from Florida! I've NEVER lived anywhere where it
was guaranteed to snow more than a light dusting. We've been military
for over 12 years and the furtherest north I have ever lived is North
Carolina! I'm really dreading the KS winters, but of course the kids
are so excited!

Thank...See More
Jul 13, 2004
Marcia /blockquote>

The renaissance festival happens in late September and early October at the
Verizon Ampitheater. This is straight down the highway from Leavenworth
about 15-20 miles. Your friends will get to Leavenworth off of I 70 at the Bonner
Springs exit and drive right by the place. My daughter and her children go every ...See More
Jul 13, 2004
from Kansas /blockquote>

I would get a job...because it will give you a year's
experience...and that will help you when you go to another
district..to go up on pay scale...
You only have to give them notice that you are not going to
return..Of course, If you leave before the year ends...you have to
pay a penalty...
Good Luck!
Jul 18, 2004

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