Re: Topeka schools?

    When are you moving? I know that our district has done most
    of its hiring already. I think that the main TOpeka district
    is USD 501 and you should have no problem getting a job there
    up through August. But it will be the most challenging
    because of student need. Shawnee Heights and Washburn Rural
    are smaller but they cater to a higher clientel. Seaman is
    also smaller but it is good. Some of the outlying districts
    are Perry, Silver Lake and Lawrence. I would think the
    sooner you got your apps out the better. We are all on
    summer break but hiring is still going on. Teachers had
    until May 15 to give notice they are not returning without
    being penalized, but several districts are still ironing out
    positions. You should be able to get a job. Good luck.
    On 6/04/07, vet teacher wrote:
    > I'm moving to Kansas, and wondering about Topeka schools.
    > Does anyone have any input? Thanks!