Re: Johnson county schools

    Gypsy - For the most part, I would highly recommend Johnson
    County schools. The district in Johnson County that I have
    the highest respect for is Olathe, and the district that I
    believe you should stay away from is Blue Valley. First of
    all, I am a former student who grew up in Blue Valley. Also,
    I am about to graduate this semester with a degree in
    secondary education/social studies. Next semester, I will
    pursue a masters degree in behavior disorders. Within the
    next year, I will be applying for temporary certification as
    a behavior disorder teacher in Olathe as I continue to work
    on my masters. Without bias, I can tell you upfront that
    Blue Valley is the most parent run - parent operated school
    district I have ever seen and/or heard of. The district
    completely revolves around politics, not TEACHING. With all
    due respect to you, if this is your thing, then go for it.
    If you would rather see your child in a Johnson County school
    district that heavily involves commitment to
    parent "involvement," meeting the needs of all types of
    students (sped & the norm alike), and is TRULY dedicated to
    TEACHING, then Olathe is your district. Best of Luck,

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