Re: Just wondering about teaching in KY

    I teach in central Kentucky. I would never recommend anyone
    relocate to our state to teach. We are about 16 years
    into "education reform" and it has made a mess of
    everything. Students are no smarter than they were before
    KERA (Kentucky Education Reform Act) and teachers are way
    more frustrated! The paperwork is overwhelming, the testing
    is ridiculously unfair to teachers because of no student or
    parent accountability, and the pay is pathetic. My wife (who
    is also a teacher) and I have two children of our own and we
    repeatedly drill in to them that they are not to be teachers.Now, let me say that we have a huge shortage of teachers. In
    fact, we are rehiring retired teachers in Special Education,
    math, science, and other areas. These teachers can draw full
    retirement along with their salary. It's gotten that bad.
    For your sake, I hope you stay in California where at least
    the weather is nice (if you're in Southern Cal).

    On 6/29/04, wonderingCA wrote:
    > I am a teacher in California, born and raised in Southern
    > California, but my husband was born and raised in KY. We
    > have some land in KY and may eventually relocate there. I
    > check in on these chatboards every now and then to see if I
    > can learn anything about the teaching conditions, but there
    > seems to be very few posts. Is there another chat location
    > to surf? I'm interested in what the job situations are,
    > conditions, .... Thanks.