Re: PSD Forms for KY Teachers/a question
no name teacher

    On 10/01/02, catbird wrote:
    > On 9/29/02, no name teacher wrote:
    >> Do you fill out your own PSD form (the form listing what
    >> classes you teach and how many students are in each class)
    >> or does someone else fill it out and send it to your
    >> central office without your seeing it?
    > We fill out or own PSD forms and they also have to have our
    > signatures on them.
    Have you filled out your PSD form for this school year? MY 1st
    two years of teaching in a KY school, the dept. chairperson
    filled out my form without my input and brought it to me on a
    clipboard and held it out and told me to sign it. After two
    years of that, I got suspicious that what I was actually
    teaching and the number of students perhaps were not correctly
    listed by this person. Sadly, I learned I was correct. This
    person was "cooking the books" and trying to make it look like
    my sp.ed. classes were not out of compliance. I've been waiting
    for the PSD form to appear this week, but so far, I've not seen

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